Why having your own home is becoming important in the current pandemic situation?

Why having your own home is becoming important in the current pandemic situation?

As the country fights against the snowballing effects of the Pandemic, every aspect of human life, be it personal, professional, or financial is getting crucially impacted. A sense of safety and security is a national issue now. The crisis that the nation is going through has made people realize the importance of protection and shelter in these uncertain and difficult times. It is, therefore, that demand for residential properties has been on the rise. The aftermath of the pandemic situation states that owning a house is a crucial & viable option at this moment. This opinion is backed with the sentiments of people of all age groups, especially the millennials, who until now were inclined towards rented apartments. Various residential properties are splurging with their sales figures as there is a sudden spike observed in online property searches. However, buying a home is a personal and quite an essential decision to take, considering the scale of investments it brings along. Buying a home leverages security, control, and privacy, but above all, it provides us a personal space with a sense of belongingness. Amidst the current pandemic situation, here’s why having your own home is of utmost importance.

●  Health

Home is a prominent requisite for good health. A proper house is your own personal space ensuring sufficient relaxation and protection of your health. As the uncertainties of the pandemic arise it is necessary to keep up the good health and keep those immunity levels intact. A good and sanitized living environment will ensure your health is maintained giving you that necessary inner peace required in this situation. A cleaner and safer vicinity is where human health stays unhindered.

●  Investment

Having a home is possibly one of the best investment plans you could ever think of! More than a decision, It is an asset, and the value of this asset considerably increases over the time and in turn, aids in accumulating wealth in the long run. There is certainly a value for the money you are spending monthly for a permanent roof rather than renting a temporary house.

●  Tax Exemption

Buying a new house also comes along with some tax exemption benefits especially when you are opting to pay EMI for a home loan. This is a huge and attractive advantage without a hitch which falls in favor of buying a house considering the fact that you are actually saving while investing.

●  Settled In One Place

Owning a home catalyzes and brings forth a strong sense of stability. It potentially saves you from the tiresome task of shifting from one home to another putting in a lot of effort on resettling and setting up the house from the beginning to end for an unsure period of time. During a pandemic situation where safety is not really assured and the virus can latch on to you through any source, having your own home will ensure that you are investing in the safety and security of your family and safeguarding them from uncertainties of the virus.

●  A Place You Can Spruce Up Your Way

Buying your own dream house is like having your own canvas to paint. You can build or buy things, create spaces, and design the rooms exactly the way you have pictured it in your mind. Once you buy a new home sprucing up the place, right from painting the walls to setting up that little reading corner of yours gives so much contentment.

Every piece of furniture at your house is an outcome of hours of intricate planning, searching, and implementing. This, in turn, forms a special connect with the house giving you a sense of pride and happiness to call the place your own.



Homeownership is a dream for many. Turn this dream into a reality. Owning a home at Vivansaa means embossing the roots and having a space that is known to be truly yours. Get in touch with us to buy an exceptionally designed apartment loaded with distinct specifications withholding your safety and security.

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