Why Amenities and Open Spaces Are Important in Residential Real Estate

Why Amenities and Open Spaces are Important in Residential Real Estate

Why Amenities and Open Spaces Are Important in Residential Real Estate

Nowadays, buyer not only looks for great properties but also the amenities and open spaces offered in the residential real estate. If you live in an urban setting like Pune, Banglore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. then the modern amenities and open spaces become even more important.   

In the metro cities, everyone has to travel an extra mile facing the never-ending traffic. This is why the weekend get-aways to the green and peaceful spots on the weekends have become possible. Gauging this scenario, today’s developers are thriving to bring the quiet and greenery to you. This has what made today’s residential properties premium as well as captivating. If you are living near IT Hub like Hinjewadi, Pune and Sarjapur Raod then you might be familiar with the hustle-bustle. One such developer to bring you open spaces and amenities packaged with spacious configurations is the Vivansaa Group. The company offers 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK premium apartments and villas at Hinjewadi Road, Pune and Sarjapur road Banglore.

Nowadays, an apartment equipped with modern amenities is necessary to lead a reasonable life. With structural and recreational facilities, other amenities like proximity, locality, spacious configurations, departmental stores, etc.    

Open spaces within the residential estate offer secure panorama as well as a sense of secured environment within residential estate. Open spaces with landscapes or water bodies are under an open sky, jogging tracks, sittings areas, gardens, swimming pool etc. It encourages physical well-being and peaceful mental health. Hence, offering open spaces to the residents lead them to an active and healthy lifestyle.  

Modern Amenities and Open Spaces offered   

  • Power backup
  • IoT equipped security and privacy instruments 
  • Spacious parking 
  • Sports and recreational centers 
  • Structural aids for senior citizens 
  • Gyms and spas 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Eco-friendly construction and facilities 
  • Clubhouses 
  • Kid play area 
  • Green surroundings and landscapes 
  • Jogging tracks 
  • Sewage Treatment 

Benefits of Amenities and Open Spaces 

  • It improves the quality of life as open spaces give dust and pollution-free environment. In addition better amenities like gym, sports centers motivate the residents to lead a healthy life.   
  • An apartment with good amenities and greener open spaces has excellent rental yield and price appreciation hence, increasing the chances of better return of investment (ROI). 
  • With the sports centers and play areas, the children can lead an active life. 
  • Open landscapes and gardens give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family like a picnic, get together, or paydays. 
  • It encourages bonding between the residents and elevates your social life. Different social events during festivals and other occasions in the premises.
  • By providing such an active and healthy life you can fulfil the physical, emotional, and social needs children and other family members.  


The Vivansaa group has constructed the ongoing projects – Balasam and Auriga keeping in mind the demands of today’s buyers. Therefore, the company have succeeded in offered green apartments with all the modern amenities, open spaces, and great location.  

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