Vivansaa Cellandine-The perfect dream home for you

Vivansaa Cellandine-The perfect dream home for you

Vivansaa Cellandine-The perfect dream home for you

Have you ever dreamt of owning a dream home overflowing with the finest amenities? If you have, continue to read. Vivansaa Cellandine is designed to make your dreams come true. Cellandine is a Hinjewadi Pune project with 2 and 3 BHK Luxury Apartments. Cellandine is situated in one of the best areas of Pune, offering the most reasonable rates for comfortable and luxury living. Vivansaa has spent a great deal of time, commitment, and money building the best homes for you, filled with modern amenities. For the ultimate convenience and simplicity of life, let’s see what Cellandine can offer.

After a stressful day at work, who would not want to take a relaxing dip in the pool?

We are fulfilling your wishes at Cellandine. Or if you want to luxuriate in the sun by the poolside, you can do that as well. Or perhaps you should give your buddies a poolside party!


At Celladine, figure it out!

There’s a professionally equipped, air-conditioned gym at Cellandine. You should go on a stroll or a jog to rejuvenate yourself unless hitting the gym is not what you prefer. There’s also a provision for that. A good trail for walking and jogging awaits you!


Limitless Entertainment.

Cellandine has made all the plans for you if you love to play games. Here you can play table tennis, chess, or cards. If your kids are too young to play table tennis, maybe they will enjoy the children’s playground that we have built especially for your kids.


Witness unforgettable events.

From hosting gatherings to planning activities, Cellandine’s community hall serves all manner of purposes.


Safety & Protection will always be our priority.

If the protection of your family is something that you are really thinking about, then if you chose Vivansaa Cellandine as there is 24*7 security monitoring here, you will not go wrong. A security cabin is situated at the impressive main entrance. Anyone entering and exiting the premises is therefore vigilantly tracked. Firefighting systems are mounted wherever needed for your protection, along with this.


State-of-art Infrastructure

Cellandine comes with a construction that is earthquake-resistant to ensure your safety. In the premises, the internal roads are wide, making it comfortable to enter and exit the premises. If you are visited by some of your friends or family, so you no longer have to think about where their cars will be parked and your guests have enough parking space available. There’s even a plantation-mounted lawn that makes the space look attractive. For rain-water harvesting, Vivansaa has made arrangements. This small effort highlights how enthusiastic Vivansaa is to take care of the environment.



At Vivansaa Cellandine, there is so much to do. The various new facilities make your life simpler and give you the most convenient and luxurious experience of living ever. If you always dreamed of living this way, then now is the time for Vivansaa Cellandine in Hinjewadi, Pune, to turn your dreams into reality.

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