Tips for choosing the floor while buying flat in high rise apartment

Tips for choosing the floor while buying flat in high rise apartment

High-rises flats are the new trend in major cities. Due to lack of space and expensive plots our cities are growing vertically leading to high rise apartments.
There are many reasons why people are looking at buying a property in high-rises. So, if you are planning on buying an apartment in a high-rise building, here are a list of important tips you must consider:

  1. Security and privacy concerns

Lower floors are conventionally considered unsafe compared to apartments on higher levels. This is probably due to the fact that they can be easily accessed. If you are keen on staying on a lower floor, examine the security arrangements in the society/housing complex.

2. Fire safety

If you are looking to purchase a flat on higher floors, fire safety can be a reason of concern. Here, you must know that any apartment’s fitness for occupancy can be gauged by its safety certificate issued by the local authorities. A fire safety certificate will assure that the building is constructed according to the permissible plans and abiding local laws where the municipal corporation of the area issues this document to the builder after ensuring that compliance of all local laws has been accomplished.

3. Elevators and Staircases
In a high-rise apartment there should be at least two or more elevators in each tower so that at least one of them is functional in case the other breaks down. This factor is significant if you have elders and children in your family.
In case of an emergency, elevators don’t work so it becomes important for you to check the staircases that should provide the convenience to walk and access floors easily.

4. Floor deviations
Illegal deviations from construction plans often happen on the top floor of a building. If you are buying a top-floor apartment, ensure that there are no deviations beyond permissible limits. It is advisable to check the floor and purchase a property that has all the necessary clearances.

5. Mobile network availability

The construction of high-rise apartments with more than 40 floors has become a common sight in several metro cities. Mobile network reachability becomes a hassle in such apartments. Therefore, check the adequacy of network coverage and provisions by the builder to amplify the network before choosing a house.

6. Light and ventilation

Living on a higher floor has its own set of advantages ranging from better views of your locality, ample natural light and ventilation and lower impact of street-level disturbances compared to those on the ground and lower floors. Higher floors are also usually free from the menace of mosquitoes and rodents as well.

7. Rental returns

In case you are buying an apartment for the purpose of investment, consider lower floors as they fetch better rental returns in some cities as people prefer to live on lower floors. However, in some metro cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Delhi upper floors are preferred. Climate of a location also plays a vital role in popular floor for rental apartments.

Homebuyers invest a lot of time to research about the locality, facilities offered and legal aspects of a residential project. The choice of floor does not strike in the initial phase of research. However, it has increasingly become an important decision where the above mentioned tips can guide you to make the right choice. Vivansaa – Vijcon Properties is a pioneer in real estate development with various high-rise apartment projects. Get in touch with our team to schedule a visit and purchase your dream home.

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