Things to look out for when viewing a property

Things to look out for when viewing a property

Buying a piece of land to call your own and stay in peace is always a dream come true for an average Indian.  To achieve this, they invest their hard-earned money into this brick and mortar structure, called a house. With their loved ones, their creativity they make this place home. One must go through the following aspects so that buying and staying in your dream home is a stress-free as well as a blissful experience.  At Vivansaa, we ensure that all the aspects are fully covered so that you have a wonderful and happy buying experience.

  1. Budget

Prepare a budget and buy accordingly.  Beware of any hidden or additional charges.

  1. Location

See if the location is convenient to every member of the family member. The pros and cons of locality should be explored beforehand. All projects of Vivansaa are based in metropolitan cities of India to meet your expectations.

  1. Lifestyle

Choose locality according to your way of living.  Choose if you want to stay close to workplace or entertainment centers, a park, or in the hustle-bustle of a city.  Choose according to your convenience and liking.  Vivansaa offers a vivid range of amenities to suit your lifestyle and your budget too.

  1. Connectivity & transport

Well, connectivity to important places is equally important.  Vivansaa has projects to suit your taste and also well connected to important shopping hubs, workplaces, and other entertainment centers in metropolitan cities.

  1. Clear title deed

Being legally literate and aware is a must before going ahead with buying a property. Clear title property with no legal hassles is what we are looking for.  You can also hire a lawyer to ensure the facts and get assured.

  1. Basic infrastructure

Availability of water and its frequency, electricity, and frequency of power cuts, atmosphere, and air quality, greenery in the locality, etc. should be checked.  A checklist of basic necessities is important, which we generally tend to ignore.  At Vivansaa, basic fundamentals are our utmost priority.


  1. Social infrastructure

Check for nearby educational institutions, hospitals, shops, clinics. Pay attention to details like the distance of the location from the nearest police station, parks, bus, or railway stations.  Needless to say, all Vivansaa projects are well connected

  1. Construction quality

The structural report of a qualified and certified engineer should be taken into consideration, and not just the external looks.



  1. Resale value

The reputation of the builder, quality, brand value will add up to the resale value of the property you are buying.


  1. RERA registered

Before buying a new flat, apartment, or villa, make sure it is a RERA registered project. This will protect you against structural defects for the next 5 years.  All government protocols are strictly followed at Vivansaa.

  1. 11. Neighbourhood.

Check parking situation in the nearby areas especially in the evenings.  Visit the area during different times of the day to check for light, ventilation and also give a visit during the weekend to feel the density of population in the nearby area.  Last but not the least, check the locality for crime ratio in that particular area.  You can just enter the Pincode and search for necessary details or visit a local police station.


If you consider all these points you will be assured your new home is a dream come true and a lifelong investment for you and your loved ones.

Come home to Vivansaa for the best options regarding the size or structure of the flat and world-class infrastructure and amenities in the heart of metropolis cities of India.  Vivansaa, not just building homes but building dreams too.


Happy home buying.


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