Purchasing a property is a critical task which involves consideration of various aspects like budget, reputation of developer, size of the apartment, etc. Security feature of an apartment is the most important parameter of all. Home is considered to be the most comfortable and secure space. Since, it is a place where we will be aiming to stay, proper security features are important that will keep you and your family happy for the long term. If you are looking for an apartment in a gated community, then looking for the best security services is extremely necessary. Thus, here we are discussing the security features you must consider before purchasing a flat:

Secure location:

Before intending to buy a property in a particular area one must visit the location multiple times and take reviews regarding any safety breaches in the past. Your home should be in a secure and safe neighbourhood. For extended research, one can visit the local police station or check online regarding any criminal activities in that location. This key point must be on your primary checklist before looking for a flat in an area.

Security Guards
After selecting a secure location for purchasing a flat, you must keep in mind to verify if the security guards are alert and are registered in the society with proper documentation and police verification. On a visit to the property, you can also observe the security guard’s behaviour towards the people entering the society. If you find the security guard unsatisfactory, the issue must be raised prior to purchasing the flat.

Fire protection
Security is not always related to theft and burglary, especially in a flat which is located in towers of a gated society. Fire safety plays a key feature here, functional and tested alarm and firefighting equipment is an important element in a flat. Check for smoke detectors and nearest exit to your flat in case of a fire break out when buying a new home. You can also demand for mock fire safety drills from the managing committee.

Doors and Windows
The quality of construction especially, doors and windows should be ensured and checked before selecting the property. A sturdy doors and windows ensures a secure home. One should not compromise on this aspect of security and assure the build quality with the builder prior to purchasing the property.

Security system installation
Security systems are a part of amenities provided by builders these days under strict norms set by the government. Various high security systems such as wireless CCTV cameras and surveillance systems must be installed in the society for better security measures. Check for these features in advance before selecting a flat to live a peaceful life afterwards.


In today’s world, security feature in a house or a complex is extremely important as precaution towards any potential mishappening. Considering the above mentioned elements are important for a house and you must keep them in your check list while looking for a property. Vivansaa-Vijcon Properties understands the importance of security feature and comes up with the latest security system in their 2BHK and 3BHK for sale. Contact us to book site-visit.

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