Ready To Move In Property: The Next Generation Home Solution

Ready To Move In Property: The Next Generation Home Solution

Ready to move in properties represent the new pattern of property buying behaviour of investors and home buyers in India. These residences include significant features to ensure the comfort, safety, convenience, and security of residents.
Property buyers often look for the best deal they can find within the resources and time available to them. While the excitement of owning one’s own property pushes one harder to get involved in the process, still the task of going through a lot of details may be frustrating. However, one must verify all the legal documents and various aspects of the property before purchasing it. Builders and developers of residential property development projects are responding to customer choice by offering completely built-up apartments to residential buyers.

We have enlisted a few points supporting why ready to move-in houses are next generation home solution:

Immediate availability
A ready to move-in property is immediately available and a buyer has to just  pay, sign necessary documents, and transport their baggage to the new place. Buyers get immediate possession and can move into their new house which holds a great advantage over purchasing an under-construction property.

Purchase what you see
In a ready to move-in property, you can visit the actual property and see the real condition of the property and the amenities available. Since the housing complex is ready, getting feedback about the nearby locality and residents is easy.

Relief from rent
Once the buyer purchases a ready to move-in property and shifts into their new house they are no more liable to pay rent. Only the EMI for the property will be deducted after purchasing a ready possession property. On its contrary, the buyer has to pay rent along with the EMI if they purchase an under-construction property .

Low Risk
There is a less risk of delays by the developer in case of a ready to move-in property. This aspect has been attracting a lot of investors to opt for ready to move-in property.

Tax benefits
In a ready to move in property, the buyer can claim tax exemptions on home loans on both principal and interest repayment immediately and enjoy tax benefits over the purchase.

The new trend of ready to move in properties is gaining momentum from the fact that buyers can now get good prices when they invest in quality properties positioned in decent locations. They have responded by actively seeking new properties instead of waiting for few years for getting a possession from under-construction property. Vivansaa – Vijcon properties is offering ready to move-in residential property for sale. Get in touch with us for a walk-in through our residential projects and enjoy the benefits of purchasing a ready to move-in property.

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