Modern amenities that ease your life at Vivansaa Cellandine

Modern and high tech amenities that ease your life

Modern amenities that ease your life at Vivansaa Cellandine

Have you ever dreamt of owning the perfect home which would be loaded with the best amenities? If you have, then keep reading. Vivansaa Cellandine is designed to make your dreams a reality. Cellandine is a project located in Hinjewadi Pune which has 2 and 3 BHK Luxurious Apartments. Cellandine is located in one of the best areas of Pune, providing a modern and luxurious living at the most effective pricing. Vivansaa has invested a lot of time, effort and money to design the best homes for you packed by modern amenities. Let’s see what Cellandine can offer for the utmost comfort and ease of life.  

Who doesn’t like to take a nice dip in the pool after a strenuous day at work? At Cellandine, we fulfill your wish. Or if you want to bask in the sun by the poolside then you can do that as well. Or maybe you could throw a poolside party for your friends! If you can’t go a day without working out but your gym’s too far from Cellandine, don’t worry. Cellandine has a fully equipped, air-conditioned gymnasium. If hitting the gym is not something you like, you can go for a jog or a walk and rejuvenate yourself. There is provision for that as well. A nice walking and jogging track is awaiting you!

If you love playing games, Cellandine has made all the arrangements for you. You can play table tennis, carom, chess or cards here. If your children are too young to play table tennis, then they can enjoy themselves at the children’s play area that we’ve specially designed for your little ones. The community hall of Cellandine serves all kinds of purposes from hosting parties to organizing events. 

If your family’s security is something that you are always concerned about then you cannot go wrong if you choose Vivansaa Cellandine as there is 24*7 security surveillance here. At the impressive main gate, there’s a security cabin. Thus, anyone entering and leaving the premises is monitored vigilantly. Along with this, firefighting systems are installed wherever required for your safety. Cellandine comes with an earthquake-resistant structure to ensure your safety. 

The internal roads in the premises are wide, making it comfortable to enter and leave the premises. If any of your friends or relatives visit you, then you no longer have to worry about where they would park their vehicles as there’s ample parking space available for your visitors. There’s also a lawn mounted with plantation which makes the space look appealing. Vivansaa has made provisions for rain-water harvesting. This little initiative shows how much Vivansaa is keen to take care of the environment.


There’s so much to do at Vivansaa Cellandine. The numerous modern amenities ease your life and provide you with the most comfortable and luxurious living experience ever. If you have always dreamt of living this way, then now is the time to convert your dreams into reality at Vivansaa Cellandine in Hinjewadi, Pune. 

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