Is it a good time to invest in a property?

Is it a good time to invest in a property?

Over the years, real estate has undergone many highs and lows; but it is the pandemic that has been one of the most impactful events for this field. With appealing deals stirring up demand and rendering it a timely moment every year a multitude of businesses target this market. Due to the devastation wrought by coronavirus constraints, unlike previous years, 2020 has been slow. Because of macro-economic factors and lack of faith, businesses have not been able to tap into the full capacity, causing closing delays. In what is a continuation of the phenomenon right before Covid-19, Tier-II and Tier-III cities begin to outperform. Vivansaa Aurigaa Sarjapur Bangalore is one such property with stellar specifications and amenities worth investing in.


  • The emergence of digital solutions

In the midst of national lockdowns, the industry, which has faced many roadblocks in the form of construction delays, unfinished projects, liquidity shortage, etc., is steadily shifting its gear and turning towards normalcy by leveraging digital solutions. In the fields of construction & facilities management, digitalization has already played a vital role, but the paradigm change is unfolding on the marketing & sales front. Innovations such as virtual walkthroughs, internet marketing strategies, AI/ML use, etc are helping consumers evaluate properties that suit their needs specifically, and much more. Today, without a digital footprint and a user interface, no real estate business can function.


  • The proliferation of lucrative deals

Inconsistent transactions leading to significant inventory pile-ups, dwindling cash flows, and cost overruns are among the top obstacles faced by realty developers. Today, developers are carrying out unique offers and products to consumers to handle them. Cashback schemes, more convenient EMIs on deposits, refundable booking amounts, attractive price offers, etc. are some of them. Three primary aspects of home purchasing, i.e. Today, home prices, loan interest rates, and government property taxes are at their historic lows ever.

We have always seen and actually believed, that owning a house is the greatest expense. Earlier generation buyers often took the savings of their lifetime to purchase their dream home.

That’s not the case anymore, though! Not only has COVID-19 helped people understand the importance of owning a home, but it has also made this dream come true, with today’s developers like Vivansaa delivering a plethora of enticing proposals.


  • Growing demand for RTM properties (ready-to-move-in)

The trend of customers now finding RTMI property as a perfect alternative has been yet another intriguing advancement. A combination of other favorable aspects, such as all-time low-interest rates for home loans and no GST, makes this a profitable choice.

In addition, RTMI property also provides additional advantages, such as quick and easy loan procedures, no delays, and most notably, what you see gets provided.


  • Looking at reality from a commercial point of view

Although COVID-19 closed organizations’ doors and pushed them to work from home, it also made them conscious that in the post-COVID environment they may no longer require wide spaces to function. Organizations would need to expand their office sizes from 80 sq. ft to ensure consistency with social distancing requirements at the workplace. Approximately 120-130 sq.ft distance per employee. Therefore, businesses that prefer premium spaces will migrate to huge technology parks and campuses. Access to services such as frequent building disinfection, guest monitoring, staff thermal scanning, etc., which employees will normally need to handle separately in the case of standalone buildings, is a significant advantage of this change.



The fusion of all these indicators clearly indicates that in the current real estate market, positive customer confidence is coming back. Investment in the sector is easier and more convenient with modern technology used by real estate platforms, which simplifies the overall process of looking for and owning homes.

In addition, the implementation of several government relaxations in the aftermath of COVID-19 makes the purchasing of a property in the existing landscape more lucrative. You should consider purchasing it from an investment viewpoint, even though you are not interested in owning a house for a living. Buy premium and luxurious residential apartments by Vivansaa in Banglore and Pune.

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