Is Investing In A Flat A Better Choice Than Buying An Independent House

Is Investing In A Flat A Better Choice Than Buying An Independent House

Is Investing In A Flat A Better Choice Than Buying An Independent House

Investing in a home is a financial goal which requires a thorough research of properties, types of houses and its location. Once the required financial planning is done and necessary savings are calculated, the dilemma arises whether to purchase an independent house or flat. Location of a property, it’s price and space crunch in metro cities leads people to select a flat as a preferred option.

A decade ago independent house were popular and affordable, due to the economic factors, urban lifestyle, rise in nuclear families, increase in cost of plots, inter-state migration and rise in population flats became the first choice of people dwelling in metropolitan areas. Cities have started expanding vertically with high rise apartment complexes.

Before purchasing a certain type of property one must consider some basic points which are required to live a suitable and comfortable life such as location, accessibility, rent, appreciation, security, purpose of purchase and degree of lifestyle.

Flats/Apartments Vs Independent House

A flat is the most common choice of people looking for a property in cities of India. They have a modern appeal with amenities, easy – maintenance and better security to due enclosed surroundings. Flats are an excellent choice as an investment for self-dwelling or renting. It has a scope of minor alterations in basic design and its structure.

An independent house on its contrary are expensive to afford in a metro city. Real-estate developers do provide a few independent houses in premium gated societies. Owner of an independent house have control over their privacy and can build the property in any design and levels possible. Safety and amenities are not shared so the owner has to bear its cost for a lifetime.

Above stated description for the two types of houses create a conflict in the mind of buyer. Hence, we have compiled a list of reasons why one can consider buying a flat over an independent house:


The cost of an independent house at a particular location will be multiple times higher than a flat in the same area,  therefore the requirement of home loan will increase as the owner will have to pay the price of the plot, the stamp duty to be paid to the government, the clearances required from various authorities, the cost for an electricity connection, raw materials, labour costs depending on city, and architect’s cost. However, a flat’s price comprises of all these technical formalities fulfilled by the developer which is much lower than the price paid for an independent house.

Amenities and maintenance
A flat comes with various value added services such as security, parking space, power back-up, water systems and fire safety mechanism which is shared amongst the flat owners of the society. On its contrary, an independent house owner will have to pay for the added cost of these services which will add up to 2-3 % of total property value. The installation and maintenance of these amenities will consume a lot of time of the independent house owner, whereas a flat in a gated society will have all these services covered by the common maintenance team.

Availability of Loan
An independent property is liable to a stricter scrutiny of the borrowers by the banks for approval of loan which is extremely time consuming and may lead to losing out the chosen property. Loans are pre-approved for a flat as the developer completes all the formalities of bank requirements in advance which provides a seamless experience to the buyer with quick disbursement of loan amount.

Price appreciation
Independent houses may have lower capital appreciation as compared to a flat. This is largely due to the high initial capital involved and the limited demand as compared to apartments. Flats or apartments on the opposite are always in demand for purchasing and renting purpose.

First time investors
For a first time investor in property, one must opt for flats as it is easy to invest in this kind of property as the developers are reputed and verified by renowned brokers and existing residents about their construction quality and facilities. Independent houses on the other hand are dicey on this aspect as they are built on a plot of land from scratch which will be a hassle for first time investor to construct.

Communal harmony
Flats are located in a gated society which encourages communal harmony amongst the residents and provides you an enclosed environment  to interact with people from all regions. It also gives you a sense of security which is not possible in an independent house because they are distant from each other.


An independent house will be suitable for large families and owners who are particular about the aesthetics of their home, the neighbourhood, privacy and has the strength to afford the expenses associated with it. Small families looking for houses on budget or an old person looking for a peaceful life, flat/apartment is the perfect option for investing. Vivansa – Vijcon properties has an array of premium and economical residential projects best suited for the modern families. Check our website and book a site visit for a property walk-through experience.

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