How to find the best investment areas in Pune

How to find the best investment areas in Pune

How to find the best investment areas in Pune

You’ve probably heard it often – the most important thing to look for while buying a house is its location. You probably may choose a good flat but in the wrong location or area. In certain areas, the flats are cheaper as compared to those in other areas. But you need to be attentive as you can always make some changes to the house that you buy, but you cannot change its location. Makes sense, right? There are many good locations when it comes to buying residential apartments in Pune. So before you start looking for a new house, make sure you have done your research.

Why does the location of the flat matter? 

A house is one of the biggest assets you’ll ever own – and a home loan is probably the biggest debt you’ll ever have to pay. So you want to be sure that the money you’re investing has the best chance of growing over the years.

The reason a desirable location has its value is because most number of people desire to live in such areas. The resale price of flats located in good areas is more than those located in remote areas. This way you can get back any extra money you spend on your home. This is the easiest opportunity that anyone can have to make a good investment by choosing a property that is not too far away from basic facilities like hospitals and schools and is well connected to public transport facilities. Being able to walk or cycle to shops, schools and public transport facilities makes life much easier. It is true that you may have to settle for a slightly smaller apartment if you choose a good location but it is still worth it owing to the ease of travel and convenient everyday facilities.

Where to find the best investment property?

 You can talk to your family and friends about the pros and cons of the areas they live in. There are a lot of options to choose from while buying residential apartments in Pune such as Viman Nagar, Bavdhan, Hinjewadi, etc. It is recommended to look for an area with good facilities, such as multiple transport options, shops, schools, cafes, sporting venues, and entertainment arenas. You can get all of this if you choose to live at Hinjewadi. And if you are an IT professional then this would be a bonus for you. Hinjewadi has a lot of residential apartments. Vivansaa Cellandine meets all the important factors that we’ve discussed earlier such as an attractive area – with a good view, a beautiful garden and lots of trees in and around the premises.

If you are searching for residential apartments in Pune especially in Hinjewadi then consider Vivansaa Cellandine as your housing partner. Vivansaa Cellandine has a wide range of 2 and 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi which satisfy all the important points we have discussed throughout this blog.


You need to remember that the area in which your flat is located is of utmost importance. A safe and secure place will always help in living  peacefully. One should always check how far the property that you are buying is from basic  facilities such as schools and hospitals. This blog will definitely help you in finding the best investment areas in Pune.

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