How to achieve your new year resolution of buying a house?

How to achieve your new year resolution of buying a house?

How to achieve your new year resolution of buying a house?

The New Year is also an opportunity to start anew and press the reset button. It is an outstanding chance to start completing an unfinished target that you have. If it has been an ongoing objective to purchase a home, use the New Year to begin taking action to become a homeowner. It is possible to walk on the road to affordable homeownership this year! To help you get there, we have several helpful tips:


  • Track your spending.

If you are looking to purchase a Bangalore villa or apartment. Making preparations financially is the first step in homeownership. To learn where and how you are spending your money, monitor your spending. This helps you to spot unhealthy spending patterns. Here are some useful ways of monitoring the costs:

  1. Create a spreadsheet and enter every purchase manually.
  2. Use applications for money-monitoring.
  3. Verify and recheck the use of your credit card.

You will decide when you need to cut expenses and how much money you can save per month after you have monitored your spending for at least one month.

For a down payment, save. You are able to continue saving for a down payment after you have monitored your expenses. Build a budget for you that is practical. Make sure that you save money by allocating a certain amount of money per month to your savings account. There are some subtle improvements that you can make that will make it easier for the funds to add up over time. Start by cutting unwanted daily expenses, such as subscriptions for magazines and downloading, dining out, gym memberships, etc. You will see a big rise in your savings and will be able to make a large down payment if you are diligent and adhere to your schedule!


  • Improve/maintain your credit score.

A major aspect that lenders use to assess your ability to purchase a home is your credit score. The higher your credit score, the better your odds of getting a home loan would be. Vivansaa is here to motivate you if your credit score isn’t where you want it to be! To learn more about improving your credit score, call a Home Loan Respondent.


  • Begin house hunting.

To assist you with your home hunt, use real estate websites. Websites such as, magicbricks, nobroker, etc are excellent websites for locating houses on the market that are available. Furthermore, take advantage of open houses in person and tour homes. Take photographs and notes to compare and contrast all the homes you visit when you’re in each house.


  • Budget for utilities and home maintenance.

You do not understand just what the cost of home repairs and electricity for the house you purchase is going to be. However, by demanding the electricity costs from the vendor for the last 12 months, you can get a rough calculation of utilities. Furthermore, the home inspection will show you what you’ll need to make home repairs. This will give you a general understanding of how much you are going to spend on upkeep at home.


  • Consider other costs.

Homeowners’ premiums, income taxes, and private mortgage insurance are other monthly costs to remember (required if your down payment is less than 20 percent ). The cost of insurance for homeowners would depend on the size of the building, the venue, the valuation of your personal property, and the age of the residence. Nation, state, and state governments pay property taxes, but the property taxes will depend on the taxable value of your house.


  • Avoid increasing debt.

Two of the most significant considerations that mortgage lenders regard are income and work records. You ought to have a steady work background, and the debt-to-income ratio counts. When deciding how much of a mortgage you can afford, there are two main considerations that lenders weigh. Stop making huge transactions that will raise your debt!


  • Be prepared for closing costs.

Usually, closure costs amount to 2 % -5 % of the principal of the loan and differ from state to state. An assessment, credit report charge, origination fee, application fee, and more will typically contain the expenses. At the right moment, your broker and real estate agent will negotiate closing costs with you. To better brace yourself for the closing price, follow these tips:

  1. Before you start looking at properties, contact a lender.
  2. In addition to the down payment, account for closure expenses.
  3. Check each cost closely as you collect your Closing Disclosure and equate it with your loan calculation.



When the time comes for your new home at Vivansaa Baalsam Sarjapur Bangalore to enter, this year it will be an exciting opportunity to visit the house! Our real estate experts will be able to address your concerns about the closing day.  The year 2021 is the year to make your homeownership dream come true. Vivansaa, the best builder in Banglore is here to help you get there. Contact us if you are seeking apartments near Sarjapur for sale. Let’s begin the process!

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