Evolution of Constructive Technology


Evolution of Constructive Technology

Evolution of Constructive Technology

From the day of human existence on this planet, humanity seeks shelter for its survival which can protect them from various calamities. Either it the construction of mud houses or Stonehenge of Stone Age civilization it all was part of the construction which leads towards them societal reforms. Over time and evolution, people denied the idea of’’ Nomadic Life’, then the requirements of permanent structures occur, pyramids of Egypt and the TajMahal are examples of traditional construction. From the basic survival needs to desires of creating luxuries constructions, we come a long way.

Traditional construction by its name suggests based on certain conventional customary norms for a long period of time, on the other hand, modular constructions based on revolutionary ideas, cutting down the time and cost-effective.

Traditional construction:

all the elements of the construction build onsite on the larger number of amount, foundation establishment, walls, roof and then work of building interiors begin. At the end of the process, the checklist prepares to resolve any issues before presenting it to the customers or clients. Although using linear construction method next step cannot be taken in construction until the first one is completed. Traditional construction entirely depends on weather and consistency of labors that can affect the quality of work

As the population grows and the concept of modernization of society took place the demands of building homes with the rapid growth create pressure on the real estate sectors to accept the modern construction methods and traditional ways of construction become the obsolescence among the real estate. Modern construction now days is more effective, superior and safe compared to traditional construction, where laborers put their lives on stake for climbing around sky-high buildings through the normal ropes. Today construction is done by taking precautions of safety through the harnessing technology. The process of modern-day construction involves various aspects including digital engineering, offsite manufacturing, component assembling, and modular construction.

Modular construction:

Modular construction is the process use premade elements in the factory and transported to the onsite, simultaneously work in the factory and onsite make work faster and effective. Foundations are already being laid down; construction of buildings is taken care of by skilled manpower including interiors, electricity, flooring, and plumbing before handover keys.

Vivansaagroup is the prime example of modular construction. Vivansaa group understands that every person at the end of the day needs to feel the vibe at home’. Vivansaa group is on mission ‘’to provide quality housing solutions at the most effective pricing in the best of research & design, planning; architecture, engineering, and execution.’’Vivansaa Group offers the wide range of row villas, row houses, apartments for sale, Vivansaa Group enters in the jungle of real estate sector in the year 2011 and from then we never looked back, we are also expertise in providing properties to NRI’s and financial portfolio extension in Indian real estate industry.

Vivansaa Group is well known for offering premium residential properties at the most classy location of Bangalore and Pune which promise the absolute pleasure of life. Living at Vivansaa will evoke your lifestyle, pride, and culture statement, an excellent and graceful structure.

VivansaaAurigaa is the synonym of modern marvel in infrastructure. Vivansaa group always believes in maintain quality and excellence in architecture, planning layout, designs, elevation with an impressive facade. Vivansaa Group will fulfill the idea of a dream home where you can cherish the moments of your life with your loved ones.

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