Why Is Bangalore Witnessing Increasing Demand For 3BHK Apartments?


Why Is Bangalore Witnessing Increasing Demand For 3BHK Apartments?

Bangalore is one of the most preferred cities for professionals to reside in because of the amazing job and business opportunities that it has to offer. And, it is also preferred by other folks due to the incredible greenery and peaceful atmosphere that the city has. Thus, the demand of living in Bangalore is on the rise; and with this demand, is also rising the requirement of 3BHK homes. If you wonder why 3BHKs are gaining so much of popularity, with families becoming more nuclear, here are the reasons that will let you know why Bangalore is witnessing an increasing demand for 3BHK apartments.

More and more people are looking to purchase flats of their own

More and more professionals are shifting to Bangalore to look for jobs and to start a business. Bangalore has great opportunities for all kinds of industries – IT, manufacturing, servicing, etc. With these rising employment opportunities, the number of people to reside in Bangalore is rising. Ultimately, these people want to settle in the city itself, which is why they look for owning their own flat. And, when they invest, they would want to look for a bigger apartment to satisfy growing future requirements.

There is a very insignificant difference in prices

The difference in prices between 2BHK and 3BHK flats is very small, which is why people are willing to opt for 3BHKs by paying an almost same amount, with only a little more than what they would pay for a 2BHK. If investing a little more brings better space and comfort, why wouldn’t someone want to opt for it?

People are looking for more privacy within their homes

In earlier times, people would love to live together. Bigger families lived in smaller homes to stay united. But today, the scenario has changed. Today, smaller the families, more privacy they require. This privacy has led to people opting for bigger homes so that different individuals can have different rooms of their own. Moreover, when guests arrive, people would want to give them privacy too, with their own space in the guest room. So, when there is a 3BHK, one room could also be allotted to the guests in times of need.

Bangalore brings great investment opportunities

There are many who want to invest in real estate; and Bangalore makes for the best city to choose. Every year, people’s incomes are increasing, and they are considering real estate as the best investment opportunity. What they realize is bigger their apartments, bigger the rental incomes they can get. This is why people are investing in bigger apartments like 3BHKs.

Prime locations are offering 3BHKs

The prime locations in Bangalore are coming up with more of 3BHKs, and people want to reside in such prime locations as these areas provide more career opportunities and easier connectivity to the rest of the city. One such prime location that is receiving popularity in recent times is Sarjapur Road, which has renowned builders like Vivansaa who offer all kinds of big 3BHK villas and 3 BHK apartment for sale in Sarjapur Road, which provide luxury, comfort, safety, and serenity, all blended into one.

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