Pick the best one


Pick the best one

Picking the best apartment is a difficult choice. Lots of research, consulting with family and friends before making the choice of your life is needed. Bangalore has many property development projects coming across the city. How do you pick the right property in Bangalore?


The cost factor is really important while picking a flat in Bangalore. A flat in Brigade road might be far more expensive than a flat in Sarjapur Road. Hence while choosing a good apartment one must do the research as per budget.


A locality with good neighbors is important. People who are cooperative, who cause no confusion or problems. A neighborhood where in people is flexible when it comes to various cultures believes and are welcoming.


Bangalore is a place of distance surrounded with a variety of workplaces, residents and other institutions. Thus the proximity of workplace towards home is really important. Also, need to consider the reach by road. Proximity to the Electronic City, Whitefield, Koramangala and MG Road is getting closer with the access of buses and the metro coming up shorty towards Sarjapur road.

Taking these criteria’s into consideration The Vivansaa Group are undergoing projects that are their final stage and another one in their development stage. These projects are Vivansaa AURIGAA, Vivansaa BLESSINGS and Vivansaa AMARYLLIES.

To know about picking your apartment do visit the website of The Vivansaa Group to know more about their ventures, NRI collaboration and a view of their lifestyle apartments in and around Bangalore.

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