Decide on a neighborhood

Decide on a neighbourhood

Decide on a neighborhood

Kasarsai, Murunji Road in Hinjewadi is a prominent place with plenty of IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, etc. Pune is the place to be with the advent of good IT hubs and a good city lifestyle.

This is the best location to buy a good area and house in Pune, some key factors that are considered.

Proximity to City

Pune is fast developing, but there are many parts of Pune which are catching up with the progress. It is feasible if your property is within the proximity of the city or at least an area which is developing fast. Also, need to consider the reach by road. Proximity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or other important areas is a huge advantage.

Distance from Activities and Services

The major roads, railway station, airport, need to be considered from the placement of your property. Groceries, educational Institutions, hospitals and other important institutions and places near the property also increase the desirability of the location.

Property Management Agents

Property Management or Real Estate agents may or may not be credible when choosing a dream property. You must research on the broker before taking a decision to be associated with them.

State of the art builders

A trusted builder will guide you to a house that will give you a sense of satisfaction and association. You get a variety of options while partnering with a builder. A good builder in Pune would be Vivansaa Group with their latest project The CELLANDINE located in Kasarsai, Murunji Road in Hinjewadi.

For more details about The CELLANDINE , their website gives you a detailed glimpse of the company, its various projects, and details about the apartments.

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