8 Awesome Ideas to Use Your Balcony Space

8 Awesome ideas to use your Balcony space

8 Awesome Ideas to Use Your Balcony Space

Housing demands are changing as per people’s perspectives. People lookout for better aesthetics and well-configured apartments. Everyone tries to give their own touch to their homes and find new ideas to decorate it. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious villa there are tons of ideas to enhance its ambience. 

Every corner of your home can be decorated in a different way, including the private space/balcony. You can always create a cozy little corner to sip that morning tea with your newspaper in a fresh morning, sit at night with your loved ones and gaze at the star, or simply read a book on a relaxing Sunday. If planning to buy an apartment and already imagining all these things then you should look for projects that are trustworthy and cater to your needs. Just like the Vivansaa Group, who offer beautiful aesthetic and spacious configuration at their ongoing projects Aurigaa, Balsaam, Cellandine. So, you have a lot of scopes to furnish the balcony space.  

There a lot more that can do in your balcony than putting up a simple lawn chair and some plants. There are so many things available like a floor sofas/cushions, hammocks, lanterns, and a lot more. You can create a beautiful outdoor oasis that where you can relax, host a party for your few friends, or spend some me-time.

However, it is unfortunate that the balcony spaces are given really less preference. Rather than enjoying the fresh air and decorate it. The private spaces are closed with sliders/widows or used as a storage house. So, here are eight ideas that will persuade you to enhance that little corner in the most creative way. 

Artificial Grass Rug and Floor Cushions/Sofas 

You can create a mini garden just by adding an artificial grass rug, you can further place floor sofas or for cushions with a shawl. You can sit there and stream your favorite movie or go to an indoor picnic. 

Planter Wall Set, Wood Pallet Style Sofa, and floor poufs

The planter wall set and the wood pallet style sofa, and the floor poufs will become a perfect place for small get together to chit-chat with your friends.

Dedicate a Place for Your Pet

A cute picket fence, a small dog house and a little synthetic grass rug would make an ideal place your pet to live. 

Vintage Bistro Setting 

If you and your partner are old schools and love candlelight dinners then you will sheerly love this idea. A foldable table-chair set, floral napkins, and classic dinner set, and a small glass candle in the middle will complete your bistro look. 

Canopy, Cozy Sofa, and String Lights

Adding the soft light at night these lights a cozy sofa stuffed cushions and a canopy as a roof will give you privacy for movie nights or a romantic evening.   

Hanging Planters, Lounge Chair, and a Wooden Tea Table

This idea is the best for avid readers searching a relaxing space to spend their Sundays reading a book. The hanging planter will give you a fresh vibe so that you can relax of the recliner chair accompanied by a steaming hot coffee and a book.    

Fabric Lanterns, day bed and a Balcony Swing 

Want to give your house a festive look? Then these fabric lanterns, a day bed in one corner and an outdoor swing is just the style for you. 


We are sure these ideas will definitely help you out with your post-possession process. Out of many developers on the scale of trust, project worth, market value, affordability, and syncing with new ideas we found Vivansa Group to be one closest to your need. They have excellent configured, premium, and affordable apartments at Sarjapur Road, Banglore and Hinjewadi, Pune. 

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